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The business actually began back in 1981 with roasting a pig over an open fire in the back yard for a class reunion.  Word of mouth spread of how delicious the meat was and it was quite a conversation piece. From there the original name of the business was established as “Custom Hog Roasting!”  As the years went by, more foods were added to the menu and more and more requests came in to cater weddings, company picnics, anniversaries, etc… all the while with everything being catered off premises.

In early 1998, some of our staff asked if we would ever consider building our own banquet facility to have parties on premises and cater the food.  Through many headaches, conversations, planning and prayers, a banquet facility was constructed at 6989 Waldo Delaware Rd, with 1 banquet room seating 280 people, a kitchen, restrooms, an office and a small storage area and opened in December, 1999.  Along with this new adventure, came a name change to “Clase All Occasions Catering, LLC. To incorporate the owner’s name and to advertise they would cater “All” types of events.  

The very fist group to be catered in the facility was a Christmas party for 15 people of a local township.  Needless to say it was a big room for such a small party.  It was soon realized that just the 1 banquet room was not enough to keep up with the demand of people wanting to rent the room.  The owners went back to the drawing board and to the bank to see if it would be feasible to add more rooms onto the building.  In 2001 another addition opened that could house 3 separate parties of different size with partition doors that could open completely up for 1 large party.  On the south end of this addition is a patio and a gazebo area with green space where many weddings are held.  Many people have passed thru the doors over the years for an endless number of parties on premises all the while continuing to cater events off sight at other venues to meet the needs of the clients.

The staff has grown from the owners to an unstoppable team of 1 general manager, 1 executive chef, a wedding specialist, a private event specialist and 50-plus part time employees.  

Our team is the backbone of the All Occasions Catering and make it what it is today. 

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